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Valley Bluegrass Music Society



The following are links to excellent collections of songs. Be sure to check out the sound samples for most songs on the Mountain Music site.

Bluegrass Web Sites

There is a wealth of information at our neighbouring bluegrass web sites. And there are probably many more who deserve to be here. If you have any favourites, let us know and they will be posted.

Bluegrass in Vancouver, BC

Bluegrass in Victoria, BC

West Kootenay Bluegrass

Pickin' and grinnin' in the West Kootenays...

Mid Island Bluegrass Society

Bluegrass in the Qualicum area of Vancouver Island.


Mountain Fever Bluegrass Workshop

Workshops and concerts.

Vancouver Island Music Workshop

music News

Information about what is happening musically and locally.

The Night Owl Column

Doug E LaChance brings us news of what is happening musically.


Ferndale Washington 3rd Annual Festival - Labour Day 2018

Summerland Bluegrass Festival

Wenatchee River Bluegrass Festival

June 15-17 2018

George Bluegrass Festival

this is a free (annual) festival held in George Washington. Sept 11-17 2017